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"Battlefield Prosthodontics" with Dr. Vincent Celenza

  • The Portland Country Club 11 Foreside Road Falmouth, ME, 04105 United States (map)

"Battlefield Prosthodontics"

with Dr. Vincent Celenza

7.5 CEUs available

Breakfast and Lunch Provided


Dr. Vincent Celenza is a Board Certified Prosthodontist since 1988 and received his graduate training from Boston University in 1979.  He has taught at New York University and Columbia  dental schools and has presented nationally and internationally on Prosthodontics and how it relates to other specialties.  He is currently in full-time private practice in New York City.

Christine, his wife of 34 years, works as a hygienist part time in their office.  They have two children: Frankie, 31, recently married, and Luke, 26.

Vinny plays tennis every week, is an avid  mountain biker (no more road riding), and puts time in on a mat each morning. He loves jazz and plays drums whenever there’s time.



Prosthodontists are problem solvers. Problems of all sorts encompassing mechanical issues coupled with logistical restrictions and psychological undertones all the while trying to create something that restores function and looks good too.  We are asked to do the seemingly impossible at times and on top of that, patient expectations are often unreasonably high, especially in a place like New York City. This presentation will use cases requiring dental prosthetics to illustrate how, in certain situations seeing no obvious solutions, we may choose to break a rule or two in our quest to not simply satisfy but exceed expectations. Our world has mechanical dimensions, artistic limits, uncertainty, and even teamwork as we depend upon others like our indispensable technical colleagues, to produce our results. Such is the chosen profession of the prosthodontist where compromise, creativity, ingenuity, skill, talent, experience, and resourcefulness may all come into play. And then, choosing within a range of alternatives, there’s that judgment thing that is so hard to quantify. We are an interesting bunch, really. Driven pretty hard too, and what we do is certainly not easy. We’re warriors on the prosthodontic battlefield.

Part II: “Long-Term Effects – Realistic Expectations with Implant Restorations”

The use of dental implants has changed prosthodontics forever. We will ask the questions:

“Are teeth better than implants?” & "Are implants better than teeth?”

This presentation will raise issues on the positive and negative aspects of our use of dental implants focusing on the timing of when to make decisions to utilize this relatively new technology. In addition, we will delve into questions regarding the retention of questionable teeth and what might we do as prosthodontists to keep healthy teeth healthy.  Expectations from appropriate periodontal treatments to save ailing teeth will also be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a deeper appreciation for real teeth and develop some criteria for when to keep and when to lose them.
  • Develop some skill sets and objectives for tooth preparation and impressioning.
  • Come away with a firm understanding for the importance of documentation of our work.